Personnel Managers Club


PMC Goals

Personnel Managers” Club (PMC) is an association of those responsible for managing personnel affairs at foreign-affiliated companies. PMC provides members with opportunities of obtaining all kinds of information and knowledge that are directly or indirectly relevant. PMC also affords members with opportunities for exchanging opinions about matters that benefit the performance of their work-related duties. In addition, PMC promotes the improvement of mutual friendships among its members.

As managers in charge of personnel affairs, our members are involved in various activities concerning compensation, welfare, hiring, performance appraisals, and education and training, in-house communication and labor issues. Furthermore, they manage matters such as value systems, everyday customs, intercultural communication and other particular to foreign-affiliated companies. In this complex world of personnel affairs, the mutual exchange of information among personnel managers is extremely worthwhile and valuable.

Many members find Personnel Managers” Club to be a very beneficial place that helps in their work and they actively participate in PMC activities.

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